It is a well known fact that Battlefield 5 is on it’s way to our PC and consoles. However, details of the game’s setting, time period and release date have all been a mystery so far, with no official announcement from EA. But maybe we don’t have to wait for one.

Swiss retailer World of Games may have already provided us with at least some information. There is currently a placeholder listing for Battlefield 5 on the site detailing it to be a “Multiplayer tactical shooter set in WW1”. The website also mentions that the game is scheduled for an October 26 release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It should be noted that the box art on the website is not at all relevant to the game and is in fact just the placeholder they use for all games.

With no confirmation on whether this site listing is accurate or not, we still have no real idea about when Battlefield 5 will take place. At least now we can take a good guess. Maybe EA will reveal all in their upcoming pre-E3 event.


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