Blizzard’s highly anticipated online FPs game, Overwatch, has just reopened it’s closed beta, and has done so with many changes. Some of the biggest new changes include an entire new game mode, new maps, AI matches and player progression.

The new game mode ‘Control’ will see two teams fighting over a series of objectives, “best of three” style. The team currently controlling the objective accumulates percentages over time, and the first team to hit 100% wins the round. A new objective then appear in a different part of the map and the whole thing repeats.

The new maps, Lijiang Tower and Nepal, have been introduced for the Control game mode. Lijiang Tower is set in a modern Chinese city and will have players fighting around shops, restaurants and markets. Whilst Nepal will see players fighting it out in a monastery in the Himalayas of Nepal.

The player progression feature has been added to allow the player to have “long term goals”, according to Blizzard. The progression is build around earning experience and leveling up your account. You can earn XP from both Player Vs Player quick matches, as well as the new Player Vs AI games. Once you have earned enough XP you will level up and be rewarded with a loot box, which contains a random selection of items used to customize the look of your hero such as skins,animations, emotes, custom dialogue, sprays and much more. You can also unlock these items for your hero with a new in-game currency.

While you wait, hoping and wishing for your beta key to arrive, you can read more about the newest release of Overwatch at the official site.

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