The first episode of Hitman will be released soon, so it is only natural Square Enix and IO Interactive wants to introduce us to its world – a World of Assassinations. They do that with a brand new trailer that takes us behind the facade of everyday life and shows us how the world is actually controlled by a few people with sniper rifles.

The trailer also reveals some details about the game’s story structure. Each episode will have its own story, but there will be an overarching story for the entire “season”, involving 47, Diana Burnwood, the ICA and an entirely new main cast. The individual stories of each episode will eventually merge together to reveal the bigger picture of what is going on behind the scenes.

According to IO Interactive, this structure was “inspired by contemporary TV series”, and will continue throughout multiple seasons.

Hitman Intro and Paris location will arrive on March 11. You will also be able to purchase the Full Experience on the same date, to get every other episode as they become available.

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