SUPERHOT has just been given an official release date for PC. The developer, SUPERHOT Team, released a brand new trailer which containing mostly gameplay of it’s new unique FPS, followed by the date February 25.

Originally a web based shooter, what makes SUPERHOT stand out among other FPS games is the fact that time only moves when the player moves. This gameplay mechanic throws in a multitude of strategy and puzzle aspects into the game, meaning the player is going to have to actually think about the moves they make before they make them. I can see myself dying a lot.

“We took our sweet time,” the developers posted on their Kickstarter page. “What started out as a small passion project ended up becoming a 2.5 year adventure. SUPERHOT has far outgrown our wildest expectations.”

SUPERHOT will hit PCs on February 25. An Xbox One version will be released a short time afterwards.

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