The newest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report from Square Enix showcases everything awesome about the upcoming game. Game Director Hajime Tabata and Marketing Manager, Akio Ofuji, took to the opportunity to discuss the progress of the game, as well as taking the time to mention that the game’s official release date would be revealed on March 30, during the next ATR.

The biggest news, however, was the brand new gameplay footage, which you can see above. Taking place in a top secret Niflheim base, the developers pulled out all the stops on stealth gameplay. as the four heroes traverse through the depths of these enormous hangers, and take down heavily armed guards along the way.

Environmental effects, or more specifically how the characters interact with the environment, seems to have made the most progress. For instance, as Noctis encounters various elemental hazards (or rolls around in the dirt enough) his clothes and body will actually get dirty. Whereas, getting wet or going swimming will visibly dampen both your characters clothes and hair, leading to a more realistic gameplay experience. Players who have ever had the pleasure of their car breaking down may be wary to hear that a similar mechanic will occur in the game, and yes, your characters will have to push it to the nearest service station.

On the flip side of the game’s development are the enhancements to enemy AI. New attacks and traps have been implemented to allow the enemies to become more effective offensively. Additionally, AI bugs have been fixed so that enemies can more accurately navigate the terrain, and find the most efficient path to the player.

As I mentioned before, the official release date for Final Fantasy XV will be announced on March 30, at the next Active Time Report. In the meantime, you can watch the entire Final Fantasy XV ATR of January 2016 below, and see all the cool new features and progress the game has made so far. fans should be more than satisfied until the next big reveal.

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