The Hellblade development diaries continue¬†as the design team at Ninja Theory can now take the time to discuss the movement and control of the game’s heroine, Senua. After putting an intense amount of time into designing the physical character, the animation needs to live up as she travels across various terrains, and takes on environmental hazards.

The approach that the developers took in designing the movement animation is a culmination of their entire library of games that they’ve built. Adding onto what they’ve already learned, they broke through traditionally looped gameplay, to design an infinitely variable animation that results in a natural movement for Senua, with no continually repeating animations.

Gamers can find all of the previous 19 development diaries on the official Ninja Theory Youtube Channel, with some of our more personal favorites being highlighted here on the site. Hellblade is set to be released later this year for the PC and PS4.

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