Announced at the past VRLA Winter Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Starbreeze Studios took to the stage to announce their new virtual reality arcade. Currently operating under the codename, Project StarCade, the studio is planning on bringing premiere VR experiences to Los Angeles residents later this summer.

The official press release describes the studios intentions as “aiming to make premium VR experiences accessible for the masses.” Starbreeze is hoping to “create a StarVR powered arcade hall, where VR enthusiasts and novices alike are welcome to experience the exciting technology in an immersive setting.”

The StarVR headset from the studio most known for PayDay 2 is arguably the most advanced virtual reality headset currently in the market. The field of view being larger than any other headset in development, the StarVR offers a premium level experience. However, the headset also requires more power than the current standard set by the Oculus and Vive, making it both an ideal and challenging decision to be the exclusive headset for the location.

While the VR aspect is in its own way a reason to get out of the house, Starbreeze is also looking to expand on the experience by tailoring an entire interactive experience to each game. The arcade is set to include The Walking Dead experience that was on display at the VRLA event. The terrifying experience is a stationary one, but it illustrates the terror of surviving the zombie apocalypse while confined to a wheelchair.

A successful beginning will be met with a strong level of expansion, as the CTO of Starbreeze, Emmanuel Marquez stated that attendees “can go and really play any content they like. They can choose from a list what kind of experience they would like to have in VR.”

A $40 million dollar investment from the developers of Crossfire, Smilegate, has ensured that the final vision of the arcade will be realized, including the expanded library of games. The grand opening of Project StarCade is expected to happen later this summer.

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