A new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution reveals a new 4 player co-op mode called Resistance Mode. You and a group of friends can play together online and take on the KPA in 12 “thrilling narrative-driven” missions. All missions are supposed to be “packed with re-playability” and will see players adapt to urban guerrilla-style warfare that is different from the online experiences we are all used to.

Each player will be able to customize their own freedom fighter, with different skins, skills, weapons and combat gear. Of course, the more you play and the better you do, the more new equipment you unlock.

Dambuster Studios hope to release another 20 missions for Resistance Mode during the game’s first year on the market. Moreover, all of these missions will be completely free to download by anyone who owns a copy of Homefront: The Revolution. Those are actually fantastic news for all co-op fans out there.

Resistance Mode will be available as part of the game’s Xbox One exclusive closed beta on February 11.

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