Gearbox has revealed two new characters for its crazy, fast-paced and bouncy shooter – Battleborn.

First up we have Ghalt, who appears to be a slow and explosive character, with double semi-automatic shotguns. He appears to have the ability to throw a chain at an enemy and yank them towards him, as well as being able to place explosives and traps on the ground. IF you watch his introduction video you’ll see that can be a deadly combination.

Second we see the rogue like assassin character Deande, who is equipped with 2 bladedĀ fansĀ and will relentlessly hack and slash at her enemies. Her abilities are a dash-like attack where she charges at the enemy to land a powerful blow, as well as a frontal cone attack dealing a lot of damage. She is also able to throw her daggers at enemies to deal damage from a distance.

Battleborn will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 3.

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