Nick and Ray from Epic Games were on hand at the VRLA 2016 Winter Expo to talk about their new title Bullet Train with the GamersPack Youtube crew. Placing gamers in a “Matrix-like” training simulation, players use the Oculus touch controllers to interact with a virtual train station, and combat an army of resistance fighters.

The world of Bullet Train is designed to be a uniquely explorable world that gamers will return to and find new ways to interact with. Players can shoot enemies with realistic precision, teleport all around the map, and control bullets with telekinetic powers.  Although innovative in the way it presents virtual reality, the humble beginnings of the title are confirmed to come from the simple idea of being the ultimate bad-ass.

Bullet Train currently has no confirmed release date, but is still making its way through various gaming expos, and are making their next stop at the 2016Game Developer’s Conference.

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