Season 2 of Rocket League will be starting in February, and Psyonix is apparently ready to implement few changes, based on player feedback from Season 1.

For starters, ranked matches will now be listed as Competitive Matchmaking, which is differentiate them from regular matchmaking. Second, Rank Points have been completely removed; only your Skill Rating will determine your placement in a division. This means that losing a few games won’t automatically result in being demoted if you’re overall skill level is improving over time.

Speaking of divisions, the Bronze I/II/III, Silver I/II/III, Gold I/II/III, and Platinum tiers are no more. Instead, Psyonix is introducing 12 new divisions ” especially tailored to Rocket League.” These will rank from Prospect I at the bottom all the way up to Champion. To determine their initial ranking, players will undergo ten placement matches. For veteran players, the Skill data from Season 1 will play a big part in the final division placement.

To read more about Rocket League’s Season 2, head over to the game’s community hub on Steam.


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