IO Interactive has released new videos, where the devs discuss key elements in the new Hitman title.

In the first two parts of this on-going series, developers Christian Elverdam, Michael Vogt and Jonathan Rowe sit down and talk about what it’s like to build a game based around a silent assassin that doesn’t seem to change so much from game to game. While he may always be bald and incredibly deadly, Agent 47 will change a lot more than you expect in the coming installment.

Part one focuses more on what it’s like to build a game around such a character, whilst part two discusses the question to why 47’s looks have changed from game to game. The next part of Talking Hitman will be about the game’s take on level design.

The first episode of Hitman, which recently switch to an episodic format, releases on March 11 2016.

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