What do you get from digging around inside a game’s files? Sometimes a load of nothing. Other times you hit a nice little gem, hidden away from prying eyes – which is what this is all about.

As the above video will show you, when Kotaku went rooting around Fallout 4’s files, they yielded a veritable treasure trove of abandoned goodies. First, it seems that the Combat Zone, that tiny little spot of bother, was meant to be much larger. Judging from unused audio files found in the game, it was meant to be a full-fledged fist-fighting locale, complete with betting and recorded announcer lines from Tommy.

Second, it appears you were supposed to have an entire quest deep underwater as shown by a Harpoon Gun model and a deep-sea texture likewise found in Fallout 4’s data files.

With the possibility of a patch or DLC to re-add the missing content, or just a community mod (which will have to wait until the Creation Kit is officially released), you might go fist-fighting underwater sooner than you think.

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