MSI’s main attraction during the Consumer Electronic Show of 2016 was the Vortex – a new compact PC gaming tower. Don’t let the small package fool you; this is a beast, with some powerful hardware beneath its shiny exterior.

The Vortex contains a Skylake i7-6700K desktop CPU and GTX 980 SLI – that’s two GTX 980 graphic cards. These are all stored in a three-chambered case, where a large fan sucks the hot air from the top. The bottom of the case is slightly raised, allowing cool air to enter, thus creating a constant vortex of air that runs through the gaming tower. MSI has named this the Silent Storm cooling system.

The CPU, both GPUs and the cooling system all run on a 450 watt power supply, and weights only 6.5L which is pretty impressive to say the least. Gamers would be happy to know that the Vortex supports multiple 4K displays and can be opened and upgraded with relative ease.

The MSI Vortex will be available for purchase later this year. However, it ain’t cheap. There’s a dual GTX 960 version that starts at around $2000, but the GTX 980 SLI system will set you back $4000.

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