Finding a solid controller with a good build is quite rare, especially for the PlayStation 4. The DualShock 4’s crafted design fits perfectly for the hands of gamers, and it’s already been named one of the best console controllers available. However, there isn’t much of a selection out there, and there’s no way to customize a PS4 controller the same way we can the Xbox One Elite controller. This is where SCUF Gaming makes its entrance. The SCUF Infinity 4PS pro controller for the PS4 aims to make a difference for the gamers who want to push their gaming experience to the big leagues.

The beautiful thing about SCUF Gaming’s design is that it’s completely customizable; when you order your presonal control, that is. This means that when you order the controller, everything from colors to back paddles can be customized to your specifications. Want a blue controller with concave analog sticks? Go ahead. How about one that’s similar to the PS4 controller, but with back paddles? By all means – order away. The only small gripe I had with the controller is that is doesn’t support some peripherals, with an emphasis on the word “some”. For example, I have a Nykon charging base for my PS4 controller and the charging snap for the rear part of the controller just didn’t want to click. Aside that, in comparison, the controller is 1-to-1 in terms of measurements with the original PS4 counterpart.


In terms of build quality, SCUF Gaming’s controller is solid. I’ve done some standard drop test of 3, 4, and 5 feet to see if it can withstand physical damage, and it held up. I even went outside to test it on concrete and it’s pretty darn good. The buttons and the d-pad feel solid as well, though the shoulder buttons feel slightly off in terms of resistance and choice of materials. There are slightly plastic-y, if that’s a word, but still the overall build of the controller is good for button mashers or even those players who press hard for racing games and fighting games.

The standard price for controllers from SCUF Gaming starts off at $119.99 USD. It’s pretty hefty compared to a lot of other controllers in the market. Then again, there aren’t a lot of third-party PS4 controllers available. Adding the customization options to the controller practically makes the SCUF Infinity 4PS controller a good deal. Compare that to the Xbox one’s Elite Controller’s $150 price tag, and add the fact the the Elite can be customized on the fly, and you see a pretty unfair advantage for team Xbox. Then again, SCUF Gaming makes solid builds for their controller, so if you do decide to customize just remember there are additional charges the more you add. Once it’s delivered to your doorstep, the controller can only undergo minor changes.

The SCUF Infinity 4PS is a solid, well-built controller. Add to that the many custom designs available and durability, and it basically pays for itself in comfort and hours of play. However, a lower price point would have been better, especially since the Xbox One counterpart can be fully customized at a set price. That being said, The value of the controller starts to reveal itself the more you use it. The paddles and interchangeable button layout brings the overall maximum potential in gaming, especially when you start to feel the difference in gameplay. If you want a custom PS4 controller that rivals the elite with a design that is close to the original DualShock 4, look no further than the Infinity 4PS.

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