After the official close of CES 2016, the world stands to benefit from a brighter future in consumer technology. None more so than the gaming community, however, thanks to the brand new line-up on hand from Mad Catz. From top of the line headsets, to Mobile controllers, and even gaming mice, Mad Catz technologies are designed from the top down to provide gamers with the best technology at the right price.

The 2016 technological year was no different for the company, as the designers showcased the powerful new TRITTON Katana HD 7.1 Wireless Headset. Providing the fullest high definition audio experience available from a gaming headset, the Tritton’s uncompressed sound quality is the first to be provided through an HDMI input. Winning the CES 2016 Innovations Award Honoree for sound design and engineering, the 7.1 surround sound system provides the absolute best audio un-filtered and directly from the source. The TRITTON fits perfectly amongst incredible music, action packed movies, and more importantly, killing zombies.


Detailing their top down approach however, were the E.S.PRO1 Gaming Earbuds. These sleek headphones illustrate a less cumbersome alternative to the larger headset. Designed for the professional gamers, the E.S. Pro1’s are best used for extended wear as the fit comfortably into the ears, and provide high quality audio, combined with a dual microphone system for team based communication.

The new RAT series of gaming mice are professional grade gaming accessories that are designed from the top down to create the widest range of options. Featuring the flagship RAT PROX, tournament style RAT PRO S, and consumer level RAT 1, the mod-able gaming mice are built to comfortably support any sized hands through their curved, light weight design. The key features of this series of gaming mice comes from the physical body, as each mouse can be stripped down into separate components to allow for a fully modded body, or simply functioning as a smaller and more portable pocket mouse.


Compatible with a wide variety of featured designs, the coolest aspect of the RAT series are the 3D printable designs. As 3D printers become more and more fashionable, Mad Catz has met gamers half way by allowing them to design, print, and implement their own designs in to their RAT series gaming mouse. A feature which undoubtedly led to the RAT 1 becoming another CES 2016 Innovations Award Honoree.

The biggest surprise from Mad Catz, however, from the company’s mobile “GameStart” program, which has seen the growth of their mobile controllers into the territory of designing for Samsung tablets and smartphones. That isn’t all that the GameStart program has created however, as Mad Catz has also unleashed the C.T.R.L.r., LYNX 9 and S.U.R.F.r. mobile gaming controllers.


Each featuring the classic setup (4 buttons, 2 joysticks, D-pad, and 4 shoulder buttons), the three portable gaming controllers feature light weight, skeletal designs. The portability comes from their collapsable nature. Capable of folding up into themselves in order to take up as little room as possible, all while providing a top of the line gaming experience to a platform that is only now becoming respected as a gaming platform.

The upcoming 2016 year is an exciting adventure for Mad Catz as they bring now and improved products and accessories to the market. The gaming community is in for a special treat now that all of these products are available on the market for them to try out, and they can find all of it on the official Mad Catz store.

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