Paragon, Epic Games’ upcoming MOBA, has just entered it’s second alpha testing, and the developers have a few new updates to share with us. They do so but letting us watch a little more alpha gameplay footage while they explain all the new features, tweaks and improvements.

The game is going to be seeing some improvements in match lengths, in-game chat and profile progression. These are all going to be “quality of life” enhancements for the benefit of players. There’s also the new “death camera” that allows players to spectate teammates as they wait to respawn.

A new co-op mode, where four players fight against AI bots, has also been added for those that are new to MOBAs. This mode should help them practice and hone their skills before stepping out into the PVP world.

Paragon is also adding card pack unlocks, as well as a deck builder, allowing full customization to player decks.

Epic’s first proper MOBA is set for release on PC and PS4 later in 2016, but you can already sign up for future alpha and beta testing.

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