Outlast 2 has been terrorizing our thoughts since October 2014, when Red Barrel first announced its existence. However, it wasn’t until October 2015 that we finally got to see the game’s first teaser trailer.

Red Barrels has reveal some new information about the horror sequel, as well as a new teaser image.

The information we got comes to us via a series of tweets, dealing with the game’s setting and gameplay. First, we now new for sure Outlast 2 will not take place in Mount Massive Asylum, but in a different location some time after the events of the original Outlast.

As for the gameplay – as one might have expected, Outlast 2 will have the player running and hiding in a very similar manner to thati n the original title. No big surprise there. Thanks to the trailer, we also now the night vision camera will make a return.

So Outlast 2 won’t return to the asylum, but where will it take place? Unfortunately we don’t know yet. The newly released image, showing a figure holding a nasty-looking pick axe, does give us a little clue on the environment we might see in the game. We can tell the game will take place in some sort of farm or a remote village, thanks to the wooden structure and the vegetation in the image.

Out 2 is set to release in Fall 2016. We’ll be getting more information the closer we get to the release window, so horror fans should definitely keep their eyes open. It’s not like you can get any sleep once Outlast 2 is on your mind, right?

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