Welcoming in the new year at the CES show floor, Kingston Digital, the flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology, celebrated by showing their upcoming year and innovative new products. Specializing in digital storage, the company has been working hard at revolutionizing their existing line of products. As a result, the company has unveiled their new KC400 SSD, MobilLite Wireless G3 storage device and DataTraveler 2000 encrypted USB.



The newest addition to the SSDNow family of solid state drives, the KC400 can now handle up to a terabyte of data at speeds 15x faster than the average hard drive. Providing an almost guaranteed level of data protection, the end to end path of your data is protected by SmartECC and Refresh software to safely transfer data. Automatically rebuilding the data from scratch, incase of a read error, or power outage.

Simply put, this solid state drive is capable of ensuring files that are stored on the drives remain uncorrupted, even when you can’t. A feat that any hardcore PC gamer would gladly pay for. With each new generation of computing technology, hard drives are become a thing of the past for the gaming community. Avoiding save data, and game file corruption is a necessity after putting in countless hours into both gaming content, and careful modding. The bigger and more powerful gaming equipment forces content storage to meet the increasing demand.

Although it was designed in order to make corporate technology faster and more efficient, it is the gamers who can truly appreciate the combination of a Phison PS3110-S10 controller, inside of a 128GB to 1TB SSDrive, that reads at speeds of up to 550MB/s. The physical drive is well equipped to handle 4K information at lightning fast speeds, and may very well become a must have for people who connect to the world of virtual reality.


The MobilLite Wireless G3 storage device, although not entirely directed at any one specific audience, was designed as a pretty intense upgrade to the current line of portable all in one, wireless storage devices. The all in one design allows the MobilLite to become useful for a multitude of aspects in your daily life such as recharging your phone and digital media storage.

The Bluetooth and dual band Wi-Fi (802.11 ac) create faster access speed to all of your content being stored on or off of the device, with exporting being done through the use of wireless technology, USB and SD cards. The device comes in both a Standard and Pro level of design. Each featuring the built in Wi-Fi access, and input slots, the Pro design, however, offers an internal storage of 64GB.

The MobilLite is capable of charging the standard smart phone battery up to two times over, just in case of an emergency, while also operating as a wireless hard drive for on the go data management. The MobilLite iOS and Anrdoid app allows users to back up all of their photos and videos to create more memories from their phones, while photographers will enjoy the ease of downloading an entire memory card full of pictures to an external (or internal) hard drive, all without the use of a computer.

Acting as a digital suitcase, the MobilLite Wireless G3 is intended to be used by any and everyone.¬†In conjunction with the proprietary app, and wireless capability, the storage device is easily one of the most important tools that a person living in the digital age may very well need at all times. Whether it’s content you want to create or share with the world, the MobilLite Wireless G3 will help you use it.


For the business person on the go, Kingston Digital has also introduced an DataTraveler 2000 encrypted USB flash drive, featuring a unique keypad access. The alpha-numeric keypad allows for complete and total security of files in a constantly moving world through the advanced complexity of numeric and phrase password encryption.

Shipping in the first quarter of this year, users will have access to 16, 32, and 64GB worth of data encrypted and secured on them as they find themselves either moving about the office, or around the world. The drive is compatible with OS, Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as Chrome and Android devices. With the power and speed of the new USB 3.1 enabled device, all you have to do is remember your password.

The KC400 is currently available now through Kingston Digital’s official site, while the DataTraveler 200 encrypted USB will ship in early 2016, with the MobilLite Wireless G3 available now for pre-order on Amazon in both the Standard and Pro versions. Kingston Digital brought their top ideas to the show floor this CES, and will be leading the way in digital storage devices for the next year through their continued design an innovation.

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