G-Technology, an industry leader in both design and quality for digital storage, were present at CES 2016 to give people around the world a glimpse into their future with the Evolution series ecosystem. The entire line-up features some of the most lightweight designs available, with incredible storage capacities. G-Tech is starting off 2016 on the right foot by creating something for every one.

Kicking off the event with a little love for the Apple community, the developers announced the G-Drive Mobile USB-C. The Apple Store exclusive features the high speed USB-C output, allowing for the fastest read and write speeds available on the market, from a hard drive that runs at 7200RPM. While the Mac is not traditionally thought of in gaming terms, the expansive storage device does offer a major boost to the already existing line-up of Mac-friendly games.


For gamers whose hard drives can’t handle the growing size of games, but want to continue to play with their friends, the new drives offer the perfect storage medium. Utilizing the USB-C transfer speeds, gamers will have access to all of their favorite content no matter how big. Assuming your Mac is capable of handling whatever game it will be running, the G-Drive Mobile ensures that your storage device causes you no grief as you load your favorite games.

Available in both Space Grey and Rose Gold colors, the drive is specifically designed to fit in with the rest of your Mac equipment. The total storage of these G-Drives maxes out at 1TB, but is designed for on the go use. With no need for an external power supply, the Mobile is capable of up to 136MB/s from any where the user is. Essentially meaning that your next WOW get together won’t need anywhere near as many outlets. Easily reformatted for Windows operating systems, the G-Drive Mobile USB-C is a versatile storage device that offers gamers on the go, a reliable hard drive for all of their media storage, and is set to launch later this month.


Of course not all gamers trust their hard drives to just be tossed into their back packs and taken on the go. The paranoia is real when it comes to gamers who could risk losing all 100 hours of their saved data to a corrupted file or scratched disk. Which is where the EV ATC hard drive case comes into play. Designed around the evolution series of hard drive technology, the case is built as an alteration enclosure for your precious data. The black and blue design can stand almost any beating you give it, from a 2 meter drop on to the floor, to being dropped in water, the rugged, floating and lightweight design are what make the new ATC case incredibly valuable. The cool part, however, is the thunderbolt cable that allows users to access their hard drive without taking it out of the case.

A fact that gamers, and professionals both strongly understand, are the costs of upgrading to the next generation of technology. Particularly when it includes physical hardware. The physical cost of modding a PC’s inputs could dig quite deeply into the users pockets, which is why G-Tech has also introduced the EV Series FireWire Adapter. Intricately designed for the evolution series ecosystem, the adapter is built simply to help users transition from the archaic ways of the FireWire 800 cable and into the future, without having to shell out for a new input device, or new computer in general.


The product line up on display from G-Technology at CES 2016 was phenomenal in terms of media storage, accessibility, and on the go use. The Evolution series ecosystem provides a family of products that aid users of all kinds. Whether you are simply storing family photos, a library of games, or your entire media collection, G-Tech has something for you. The G-Drive Mobile USB-C will be available later this month from the Apple Store, while the the EV ATC Hard case is available now along with more information about the Evolution series products from the company website for $229.95, while the EV Series FireWire Adapter currently retails at a suggested price of $49.95.

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