A technology that was once thought to be impossible is now leading the way towards a revolution of entertainment at large, but at CES 2016 Nvidia reached out to the gaming community to remind us why they are a household name for gamers. Leading the way towards a high-tech future, Nvidia and Geforce are now reaching out to help help gamers stay ahead of the curve with their VR Ready program.


Since the revelation that virtual reality was a possibility, Nvidia has developed an entire ecosystem around a lag free VR experience. The new VR Ready program has involved a partnership with an extraordinary amount of retailers and manufacturers to offer Nvidia approved VR ready products, PC and Notebook builds.

The Geforce website offers a complete guide to ensuring your experience is a smooth one. The free Geforce Experience software can automatically scan the user’s computer, creating a quality assurance check to make sure your computer is strong enough to handle a VR headset, as well as checking that every single driver is up to date. Resulting in higher resolution, and lower latency as the technology improves.

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Detailing the minimum requirements for a VR ready platform, the revolution comes at a bit of a cost, but in the end, you can’t really put a price on happiness. The GTX series GPUs are designed specifically to enhance the experience by utilizing Nvidia’s GameWorks VR software. Focusing the true power of the GPU directly towards what the gamer is looking at. While the multi-res shading creates a perfectly rendered experience that mimics the way an eye focuses on a subject.

Virtual Reality isn’t the only thing the Geforce experience is designed for however, as the software also acts as a streaming platform for people who own Shield Android TVs. Allowing gamers to stream all of their high performance PC games to their widescreen televisions at 4K resolution, PC gamers may never have a reason to go back to a console again.

Closing out with the new updates coming to the Shield itself, Nvidia showcased the diversity of their products and just how much they love each of them. The 3.0 update brings Android’s Marshmallow operating system to the Shield. Users can now expand their storage size through the use of external SD cards and flash drives, in addition to the ability to fully customize their home screen.

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The expansion offers more of the top streaming apps, including Disney Movies Everywhere, HBO GO and 4K movie provider UltraFlix. The biggest news for the Shield, however, was the debut of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. The port offers console quality graphics at a 4K quality. Metal Gear Rising is availble now, with the 3.0 Marshmallow update coming soon.

Nvidia is working very hard to make 2016 an incredible year for gamers and are continuing to innovate in creating better ways to experience their favorite entertainment. Virtual Reality headsets are quickly selling out as the world grows ever closer to the official release of the technology, and Nvidia wants you to be there when it happens.

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