Home surveillance company IC Real Tech, has revolutionized 360 video at CES 2016 with their all new action camera, the ALLie Go. One of the first cameras to offer true 360×360 degree video, the 2K images are seamless as they transport viewers to live gaming events, Let’s Plays and more.

As a successor to the original ALLie Home surveillance camera, the Go is an upgrade that truly brings the 360 video into the virtual world. At the size of a typical baseball, the camera is capable of being mounted on virtually any surface. Two 188 degree fish-eye lenses over top 8MP sensors are what create the high resolution images with a seamless transition from one angle to the next.

The camera features an internal microphone to capture local ambiance. Once connected to the internet through wifi, the ALLieGo can stream 360 video to providers such as Youtube and Facebook so that others can experience the fun and excitement of wherever the camera is set up through their virtual reality headsets. Creating one of the most immersive consumer VR experiences.


Through this advent, gamers and streamers can now truly connect as they record and stream 360 video to fans through Youtube 360. Instead of watching a typical game stream, or a 2D video, viewers will be sitting next to their favorite streamers and pro-gamers as they take on each new level. As bigger tournaments begin to take place, gamers will not only be able to choose which team they support, but which player they specifically want to cheer on, as they can now digitally sit next to them. Viewing strategic patterns, or even just seeing the game through there perspective. A feat that would require ridiculous looking action camera head straps for any physical sport.

From there the flow of content is virtually limitless as viewer will then be able to sit side by side their favorite Live-Streamers. Viewers will now be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to see what is happening in the game or focus on the conversation as the 360 live stream will include the gamer’s personal perspective, as well as a wider perspective of the on going conversation as a whole through the VR mobile set up.

The ALLie Go is compatible with the Oculus Rift and mobile VR headsets, but can be controlled through the proprietary iOS and Android apps for mobile devices. The apps provide low latency video monitoring, and even playback for previously recorded video. All for the price of $599, the ALLieGO provides twice the fun of any other action camera available on the market, and is expected to ship later this year.


Another innovation brought to the CES show floor, was the ALLie VR headset. Representing a major step up from other designs, the sturdy plastic sets it apart from the masses as a comfortable and long lasting headset that will last as long as the cameras they share a brand name with. Featuring a comfortably adjustable fit, the headset is compatible with almost all head sizes and focal lengths.

Joining the family of compatibility with the ALLie VR app, the headset, along with their cardboard little brothers, provide high quality virtual reality experiences from a company that understands reliability. The ALLie VR headset is priced at $59 and will ship later this year, with the Cardboard headset already available for $24.99 at Brookstone locations.

Until now, IC Real Tech has been one of the most reliable names in home security. Partnering with both Qualcomm and Snapdragon for the highest of quality chipsets, the people who brought you the first innovation in home security, the ALLie Home, are now offering you the chance to take them with you on the go. Check out their website for more information, and their Youtube channel for plenty of 360 video content.


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