Stream TV is leading the way in innovative display technology with their upcoming UltraD televisions and displays. Between the ultra high resolution, and glasses-free 3D technology, Stream TV is bringing incredible technology to the gaming community at large.

Zach Lehman, the Games Director at Stream TV, was on hand at the CES 2016 press conference to discuss what the technology brings to the gaming world, as well as showing off the all new monitors. The UltraD displays and TVs utilize the same technology used in the Nintendo 3DS to create 3D images and videos. The traditional stereoscopic 3D imaging used in older TVs and monitors has left most gamers with sore eyes and throbbing headaches.

The UltraD technology, however, stands as a more ergonomic approach, creating images that are not only easier for the eyes to look at, but easier to control as well. On hand at CES 2016 were two demo stations. The first featured an animated 3D film that was allowed to play as people walked by. However, a more in-depth demo was available for the Viking Village simulator.

The PC title built using the Unity Engine was not a populated demo, but allowed users to explore the detailed village to get a feel of how smooth the images are when subjected to the fast camera movement. Each TV and monitor is built around comfort and to that extent, each are customizable enough to fit any desk or living space thanks to the adjustable depth of the 3D images all the way from 2D, to in your face 3D.

The technology has been in development for over two years when it comes to Stream TV’s line up of UltraD televisions and monitors. The result however, is finally nearing its official release as the developers have begun to finalize the starting lineup. The production houses in Taiwan are currently working tirelessly to produce 50″ and 65″ home televisions, in addition to the 27″ and 30″ monitors.

With featured support for PC gaming, through their incredible new monitors, or the slim new televisions for console gamers, glasses-free 3D may very well be what the gaming community needs in order to make 3D a house hold feature. For more information on how the UltraD technology works, head on over to Stream TV’s official website.

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