HTC has unveiled it’s second-generation developer edition VR system – the Vive Pre. The new VR headset has been designed to give a fully immersive experience, as HTC has refined it to give the most comfortable experience possible.

With the Vive’s new front facing camera, it will be possible to manage real life things while maintaining your immersion in game, HTC says you should be able to “take a seat, find your drink and carry on conversations without removing your headset”.

The controller has also been overhauled and enhanced with updated ergonomics and softer edges, greater balance and new textures for it’s buttons. The tracking base stations have also been redesigned to give much higher accuracy.

The HTC Vive headset is scheduled for commercial launch in April 2016.

HTC_Vive_product_1.0 HTC_Vive_product_2.0

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