Best Action-Adventure Game of 2015

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“Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is Hideo Kojima’s final contribution to the Metal Gear saga and he certainly goes out with a bang. Metal Gear has always been the premier innovator in Tactical Espionage Action and this title is no different. From phenomenal graphics to multiple approaches to each mission, there’s no shortage in what your creativity can accomplish. The online component is also hours of fun as you try to take down the enemy team by working with your own in multiple modes of stealth and combat action.” – Taylor Wells

Best Action Game of 2015

Best Action 1

“Taking the immensely popular Souls’ combat formula and making it any better is no small feat. However, taking out the defensive aspect in favor of a more aggressive approach did just that. Sidearms and trick weapons replaced shields, and put every encounter at a speed that truly tested our reflexes and elevated our spirits ever higher at the sight of the victory message. Set in a dream world influenced by the works of one H.P Lovecraft, filled with nightmares even evil fears, Bloodborne tought us what hunting is all about.” – Tomer Blau

Best Adventure Game of 2015


“For me, 2015 marks the year Telltale Games fell from my good grace, but not before they created one of the funniest adventure games in recent memory. Set in the chaotic world of the Borderlands franchise, Tales from the Borderlands is not only funny, but it tells an interesting story that I never wanted to see end. Fiona, Rhys, Loaderbot and the rest of the cast will forever remain one of my favorites in a video game. Their group dynamics and the messes they kept getting into were one of the best experiences I had this year.” – Guy Yuval

Best Shooter of 2015


“Seeing Splatoon for the first time reinvigorated our love for shooters, and for good reason. Unlike most modern shooters, Splatoon has a unique charm that simply captivates those who play it. Instead of a bleak world full of death, bullets and angst, Splatoon offers a colorful stage with a distinctive look that is simply breathtakingly cool. Combining a fun ink-based gameplay and intense 4v4 multiplayer matches, Splatoon stands out above the rest. Plus, its replay value is through the roof.” – Jassi Patayon

Best Role-Playing Game of 2015

best rpg

“A giant, open world alone isn’t enough to make a great RPG. A branching, deep and mature story alone isn’t enough to make a great RPG. Well-written characters that make sense are also not enough by themselves to make a great RPG. However, when you combine them all, you get what is easily the best role-playing game of the year, and that is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It simply does everything right, from start to finish, taking you on an epic journey you’ll want to come back to.” – Oleg Khaikin

Best Fighting Game of 2015

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“Mortal Kombat is back again for its tenth title in the main series. This time around, NetherRealm Studios adds some spice to the mix by introducing some new characters and giving each fighter three variations of play that offers a multitude of playstyles and ways to mix-up your gameplan. With the graphical upgrade of the next gen consoles, Mortal Kombat X is as brutal as ever, offering four different ways to rub the salt in the wounds of your opponent. Brutalities, Stage Brutalities, Faction Kills, and klassic fatalities all give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve dominated your foe.” – Taylor Wells

Best Sports/Driving Game of 2015


“Rocket League is the ultimate combination of a sports game and a driving game, as it is basically football with cars. Yeah, who could have known that would work, right? But it does, and amazingly so. Rocket League is fast, fun and fantastic to play alone or with friends, and is one of the more rewarding game experience I’ve had all year. Better yet, it suits even those who don’t usually enjoy sports or driving games. Let hope we’ll see more wacky combinations like this in the coming year, and much more of Rocket League.” – Guy Yuval

Best Strategy Game of 2015

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“Building upon the solid foundation of its predecessor, Galactic Civilization III continues the excellent 4X franchise with bigger and better everything – from bigger maps, to more ways to win, to a larger player-per-map count. It overtakes other strategy giants by being accessible enough to be picked up by anyone, while offering unparalleled depth of customization and planning to satisfy even the most hardcore of micro-managers. It’s every space-emperor’s dream.” – Oleg Khaikin

Best Horror Game of 2015


“The bright minds at Frictional Games have brought us another dark and twisted horror title in 2015. At the beginning, SOMA may appear to be a lot like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and in many ways it is. However, SOMA invokes a completely different type of horror. The underwater research facility is as claustrophobic as it gets, and the killer robots that roam its halls are terrifying, but these are not what you’ll remember once you’ve gone through the game. The horrible choices you need make, and their moral implications are what will keep you awake at night, questioning your own humanity.” – Guy Yuval

Best Platformer of 2015


“Ever since Super Mario Bros. debuted for the NES, many fans of the franchise yearned for the ability to make their own Mario game. In 2015, Nintendo fulfills everyone’s childhood dream by releasing Super Mario Maker. Having the ability to build and customize your own Mario worlds, Super Mario Maker gives players a plethora of tools to make, adjust and even download levels from the community. Add to that a huge variety of items to build with, a solid platform mechanic and the ability to switch between Mario eras, Super Mario Maker becomes a must have for any Wii U owners.” – Jassi Patayon

Best Open World of 2015

F4f 2

“The post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 isn’t the biggest or the prettiest we’ve seen in 2015, but it might be the richest. You can’t go two steps in any direction without stumbling across something interesting. Be it a bloody battle between a group of feral ghouls and a Yao Guai, a new side-quest or a mysterious new location, every inch of the Wasteland is filled with treasure, danger and excitement. Once again we see Bethesda’s incredible ability to combine deep lore, memorable characters and unique quests into a world you never want to leave.” – Guy Yuval

Best Visuals of 2015

best visuals 2

“2015 brought us some good looking titles. Some boasted impressive realism, while others painted a very charming picture that was captivating in it’s imagination. Among those, Bloodborne had both aspects equally. Set amidst towering Gothic buildings yanked straight out of the 19th century, the game then took the player on a journey through dark forests and snowy castles filled with creatures unique and amazing in their design. It all came alive with nifty visual effects that made the fantastic dreamworld seem all too real. In a year filled with striking realism, Bloodborne otherworldly touch was what set it apart for us.” – Tomer Blau

Best Soundtrack of 2015

best soundtrack

“A good soundtrack sucks you into the game and never lets you go. It’s subtle when exploring, intense when fighting, and epic when facing life-or-death situations. As I rode through the hills and dense forests of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, its calm, yet haunting music enveloped my at every stride. As I fought giant beasts, the music pushed me on, encouraging me to strike even harder. As I wooed a beautiful woman, the soundtrack knew just how to set the mood. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s soundtrack is beautiful and fits right in with a world of magic, monsters and romance.” – Guy Yuval

Best Story of 2015


“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt doesn’t tell just one story. It tells dozens of them. Every vibrant village, every lone hut in the middle of the forest, and every ruin teeming with monsters has a story to tell. The main story of Geralt, Ciri, Yennifer and Trish is the connective tissue that binds all these stories into one incredible narrative. The story drives the game forward, carrying Geralt and the player through the world and between all the rich stories and side plots, only to culminate in what is without a doubt 2015’s best story in video games.” – Guy Yuval

Best New IP of 2015


“With sequels and remakes coming left and right, it is always a delight to find a fresh new IP – especially one as beautiful and enjoyable as Ori and the Blind Forest. This is an IP that has everything: a relatable protagonist, an amazing world filled with magic, and a self-contained story about hope and the strength of life. Packed into one of the best platformers of the year, Ori and the Blind Forest shows us that brand-new stories can be just as great, if not more so, than ones we’ve heard before.” – Oleg Khaikin

Best New Character of 2015

gaunther 1

“Of all the new friends and foes in gaming this year, nobody stands out as much as Gaunter O’Dimm. Known as the Man of Glass, Master Mirror or just plain evil incarnate, O’Dimm is one terrifying entity. With his array of incredible abilities, it is quite clear he is no ‘simple tramp’ as he presents himself at first, but something far more complex and sinister. With a subtle demonstration of supreme power and complete disregard for human life, he is unsettling, downright creepy and certainly deserving of our Best New Character award.” – Oleg Khaikin

Biggest Surprise of 2015


The online shooter from Nintendo took us by surprise this year, as the gaming giant is mostly known for platformers and puzzle titles, not shooters. Splatoon is Nintendo’s statement of making something unique in a market that is already saturated with a huge library of shooters. Instead of focusing on a more traditional style of bullets, the main star of Splatoon is the ink, which creates a colorful world in an already vibrant setting. Add the charming world of Splatoon, which is practically the culture behind the city of Tokyo, and you have yourself a game like no other.” – Jassi Patayon

Biggest Disappointment of 2015


“After years of waiting, a successful Kickstarter campaign, a couple of delays and buckets of excitement of, The Neverhood’s spiritual successor, Armikrog, was finally delivered last September. Fans were delighted by the iconic visual style and enchanting soundtrack, but did not expect the game to be this buggy and unimaginative. Twenty years ago Armikrog’s faults would’ve been dismissed with a shrug and a smile, but today we know that gameplay is at least as important as nostalgia. Having a new Neverhood title doesn’t mean anything if it largely consists of trial and error, pixel hunting and infuriatingly random puzzles.” – Anne S.

Best Game of 2015


“When it comes down to naming the best of the best, there are always difficult decisions to be made. Sure, 2015 was filled with good games, but if I could only play a single one – which one would it be? For 2015, the answer is easy: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It excels as a Role-Playing Game but it also excels in every other department. From the enchanting soundtrack to the stunning visuals, nothing about CD Projekt Red’s latest release is lacking. It’s the one game that I couldn’t stop playing from start to finish – all epic 120 hours of it.” – Oleg Khaikin

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