Having officially made it through the hurdles of crowdfunding, Mokacam were eager to invite the Gamerspack crew to get hands on with the sleek new action camera that puts 4K in the palm of your hand.

Financed through Indiegogo, the camera reached over 600% of its $55,000 goal after only 23 days. Since then, the Mokacam has made a name for itself as the world’s smallest 4K camera, but its innovative design is what has earned it more than a few awards before even entering the market. The square design is the most immediately noticeable aspect at first glance. Combined with the matte color schemes of silver, blue, black and gold, the Mokacam is a more stylish alternative to the current market of action cameras.

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The camera features only two buttons, both of which are flat against the body, and control the basic functions of the camera. More in-depth controls, however, are available in the free iOS and Android app. These functions include the more intricate details such as white balance, resolution, and viewing angle. Users can adjust almost every aspect of the camera to create amazing high-quality video.

The lens itself is packing 16 megapixels at a fixed 152 degree viewing angle, as well as an on board HD microphone. The Mokacam’s resolution settings range from standard to ultra-high, and at varying frame rates. The 4K quality images are only capable at 15fps, 1080p at 30 and 60fps, and finally 720p at 120fps and below.

The extremely wide angle lens often causes a fish-eye effect during filming, except that the camera is able to convert the image to a more narrow view in order to negate the distortion.


Equipped with a micro SD slot that can hold up to a 64GB card, as well as a Micro USB charge port, the camera is well equipped to last users a full day of shooting on a single 10hr battery life. Extending that life, however, is where things get interesting.

Located on the back of the camera is a magnetic dock that not only allows the camera to be mounted on metal surfaces, but also acts as a port for the external battery. Making it even easier to save a shot, by only having to slap it on to the back without having to power off the entire camera.

Although the camera operates completely fine on its own, even without the features of the mobile app, the camera’s prized possession is the rotatable screen. Featuring a 270 degree rotation, the attachable screen allows for monitoring of how the image will look, the screen also allows access to the auxiliary features that are available through the app. Plugging in on the opposite side of the charge port, the screen is fully capable of supporting itself through an internal rechargeable battery. Intended in both design and execution as being self reliant, and not draining the camera’s battery life, the award winning screen is the final piece in what could be described as the most innovative action camera on the market.

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User accessibility is at the fore front of the Mokacam’s design, the developers have continued that trend by asking buyers to vote on which accessories to bring into the ecosystem, such as a brand new weighted gimbal for perfectly still videos. However, the user friendly experience is topped only by its universal compatibility with all of the GoPro action camera’s existing accessories and mounts.

With delivery dates set to be fulfilled in February of next year, the Mokacam is looking to quickly hone in on the not so diverse action camera market. While the Mokacam’s crisp images, and innovative accessories make it a great camera, the stylish new design will be what grabs the public’s attention.

You can get in on the fun and preorder your Mokacam today from the Indiegogo page, or learn more by heading over to the official website.

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