Ace Team, the developers behind the sci-fi dungeon crawler The Deadly Tower of Monsters, are showing off the legendary monsters themselves in this new trailer. The diverse monster designs take the riff on cheesy monster movies from the 50’s even farther.

Each taking on a life of its own, these monsters are all throwbacks to the original effects that scared movie goers who didn’t know what good effects looked like yet. The dinosaurs move with stop-motion effects, giant worms are made out of sock puppets, and there are a couple of designs that look like they are walking the line of an IP lawsuit.

Complete with horrifically inhumane scientific creations, and a dash men hidden inside of suits, The Deadly Tower of Monsters may very well become a cult classic when it’s released January 16, for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

1450756660-arrow-ape 1450756660-ceratosaurus 1450756661-lizardman 1450756661-pipe-worm 1450756346-guard 1450756346-bigblob 1450757092-sea-monster 1450756346-puppybot 1450757093-plant-monster 1450757093-replicator 1450757093-squid

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