Otherside Entertainment is getting ready to reveal System Shock 3. If you go to the studio’s website, you’ll see a countdown clock counting down to December 13, 9PM PST. You’ll also see what seems to be the start of a teaser image and the phrase “I am flawless, perpetual… absolute.”

It’s a little difficult to figure out what the teaser site is counting down to, but naturally someone already did.

A few clever internet people have done some digging and came up with the URL for the final big reveal page, showing the System Shock 3 logo. While the URL itself has since been removed, nothing on the internet is ever truly lost. You can find the image below.

Otherside Entertainment was founded by Paul Neurath, who also co-founded System Shock developer Looking Glass Studios. Currently the studio is working on Underworld Ascendant, a successor to Ultima Underworld. System Shock 3 is no doubt be the next project for the studio, and will most likely be crowdfunded.

Are you a System Shock fan? Do you think there’s room in your life for a sequel? Let us know!


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