In a new Hellblade developer diary, Chief Creative Ninja at Ninja Theory Tameem Antoniades showcases the intricacies of motion capture, and how the studio is making an epic adventure on a small budget.

The 3-4 person motion capture crew working on Hellblade is significantly smaller than any of the previous crews that worked on Heavenly Sword or Enslaved. Also, Hellblade isn’t being filmed in some fancy studio, but instead uses a much smaller space with relatively low-end equipment. According toAntoniades, the setup is enough to capture Senua’s performance perfectly.

The ultimate lesson being that it doesn’t matter how many sacrifices you need to make to stay in-budget, so long as the artistry and innovation are there to fill in the gaps. I guess he is right, as Hellblade is currently one of the most visually stunning games coming to both the PC and PS4. For a more in-depth look into how they brought the unstable Senua to life, check out some of the past diaries below.

Hellblade is a mystical hack and slash adventure that will be heading to the PC and PlayStation 4 later in 2016.

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