SNK Playmore showed off a brand new trailer for its upcoming game King of Fighters XIV, live at the PlayStation Experience 2015. We’ve got some brand new details about it as well, including a character roster of over 50 fighters.

The King of Fighters franchise is certainly no stranger to the Fighting game scene, but since its induction in 1994, there has never had a bigger selection of awesome and diverse characters. This isn’t all that’s new though, King of Fighters XIV is also making it’s first transition into 3D graphics while still retaining its 2D fighting gameplay and 3 vs. 3 matches.

Still haven’t had enough? SNK Playmore has added another feature that both newcomers to the series and old fans alike will enjoy, called Party Battle Mode. Up to 6 players in teams of 3 will face off in VS Online Party Battle. Provided online net code is crisp, this can give you that authentic tournament intensity that you need in order to train for your next championship.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll be able to continue the deep story of King of Fighters as well. Though SNK Playmore didn’t go into too much depth, we’re sure that the new fighters will play a role in how things develop in King if Fighters XIV.

Though a firm release date has not been confirmed, SNK Playmore is looking at a 2016 release window. King of Fighters XIV will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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