Set in an unknown, beautifully made world that feels alive and blissful, Hob is an exploration adventure title by Runic Games. The Torchlight developer throws you into a world without text, backstory, or dialog. This seems odd at first, but the story is slowly revealed as you play through the game, rewarding you for exploring and discovering the world, with of narrative puzzles.

When you start Hob, your character is severely injured by the “rogue life infecting the landscape”, but in turn it reveals your abilities of traversal, combat and upgrades. Armed with a new metal arm, you nameless character can use magnetic fields as a grappling hook or to pull and push the actual building blocks of the world into place. World-shifting is a core feature of Hob, and you’ll need to re-align the world to open entire new areas.

“At its heart, Hob is a mystery of who you really are,” wrote Runic’s Wonder Russell on the PlayStation Blog. “Not only are you alone and possibly the only one of your kind, but also you’re the only character who can affect the shape and purpose of the world.

At this moment, Hob has no release date and is therefore set as “coming soon”. The is a console-exclusive on PlayStation 4, but will also be coming to the PC.

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