The amazing designers at work on Creative Assembly’s upcoming title, Total War: Warhammer, have put together an incredibly bloody playthrough of the Greenskin campaign. The narrator of the video gives a brief summary of the whole continent that players will explore in the game, before zooming in to his Orc generals to show off how a siege can take place.

The video is blatantly detailed as being in the Alpha stage, meaning that the textures or A.I. may not be as polished as they will be in the final game. The video features pure gameplay from the current build of the game, and illustrates a dense game with countless ways of exploring the story.

The desolate wastes of the badlands that the video explores show off the architecture of the different races that can be found in the surrounding area, while also showing the expansive natural environments. The video also details most of the abilities that each army will be able to use, with a few tricks thrown in.

Total War: Warhammer will be released on April 28, for Mac and PC.

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