After Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain received the highly coveted Best Action-Adventure Game at The Game Awards, game director Hideo Kojima was not allowed to fly out to California to receive the award in person. After the recent fallout between Kojima and the publisher Konami, many rumors have flung back and forth about what exactly is going on.

The recent development, however, shows that Konami is still very bitter about his leaving the company. The publisher has restricted him under an employment contract, and refused him his right to fly out and accept the award. In his place was the American actor Keifer Sutherland, who voices the main character Snake in this installment.

The announcement of the events came from the journalist Geoff Keighley (Above, special thanks to Kotaku), and was followed by a round of boos from the audience. In light of the developments, no official word has been stated from either of the parties involved.

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