There are not enough exclamation marks in the world to express the my reaction to the fact Psychonauts 2 has just been announced. Holy sweet brain juices I’m so excited.

Yes, Psychonauts 2 is in the works, and you can help make it happen. As with their previous title Broken Age, Double Fine Productions are going to the fans to help fund this new project. The studio has started a crowdfunding campaign on Fig, where you can either support the game in a way similar to Kickstarter and receive all sort of rewards and goodies, or you can forgo your rewards and invest in the game for a small share of the profits.

Double Fine is asking for $3.3 million from the fans, but will also invest their own money and seek outside investors to make sure Psychonauts 2 has all the money it needs to do the original game justice.

Below is a video of Tim Schafer pitching the whole Fig crowdfunding campaign, so give it a watch and decide whether or not you care to take part in bringing back Psychonauts.

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