Vampyr is an action RPG by Dontnod Entertainment, the same studio the recently brought us Life is Strange. While we already learnt a few details about the game when it was first announced, a few more details crept out of the shadows thanks to a recent Q&A by game director Philippe Moreau.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Moreau has decided to answer some of the fans’ more burning question, and reveal more about the game in the process.

Vampyr tell the story of a vampire prowling the streets of post-WWI London. The war has ended, but London now fights a new kind of enemy – the Spanish Flu. The streets are filled with disease and death, but also with the spirit of change as science slowly overcomes superstition and folklore. This constant struggle between logic and the supernatural is also present within the main character.

Our protagonist isn’t an ordinary vampire. During the war, Reid was a doctor specializing in blood. He is a man of reason, and he seeks to treat his new condition as any other medical affliction. However, he soon finds out his vampirism is much more than a simple illness; It seems to have a purpose.

As a doctor, Reid has dedicated his life to save other people, but as a vampire he much feed on human blood. Apparently, every person on the street can be a source of food, but your choices on who to feed on will have consequences both on the story and on Reid himself. The information and clues you gather, the things that you see, and the relationships your nurture throughout the story will define your decisions on who to feed on, and how that will change the plot.

According to Moreau, Vamypr also features a visceral combat system that combines melee and range weapons together with a vampire’s supernatural powers. Make-shift weapons include a saw and other surgical tools that might be useful against both the human and the mystical enemies Reid will face.

Dontnod has more to show and tell us about Vampyr, but they are not ready to do so yet. We can expect new info and in-game footage very soon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this dark concept art.

vampyr-1 vampyr-2 vampyr-3

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