It feels almost like yesterday that Star Wars Battlefront got released. Well, it was only a couple weeks ago, yet EA have already announced and given us a release date and a full-length trailer for the first DLC of the newest Star Wars game.

The DLC features a brand new game mode, as well as two new maps to wage war on. Turning Point mode is where the rebels try to locate three control points, which start in the imperial control. Racing against the clock, the rebels must fight to capture and hold these control points. Successfully doing so will unlock more time for the rebels, as well as revealing new control points that they will have to capture. Moving through the control points will eventually lead to the ultimate goal of the Empire’s base, where a final showdown will be held to decide the victor.

The two new maps are Graveyard of Giants, available on Turning Point, Supremacy, Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes, and the Goazan Badlands, available on Blast, Drop Zone, Droid Run, Cargo, Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains modes.

The good news for anyone that pre-ordered Battlefront is that Battle of Jakku will be available as early as December 1. For everyone else, these new features will become available on December 8.

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