According to a recent tweet by Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios, the entertainment giant is working hard to introduce a remote play feature to the PS4 on both Mac and PC. The tweet (below), shows a very clear enthusiasm that suggest the desktop application could be coming sooner than we think.

Remote play is a feature that has been given the golden treatment by Sony since the PlayStation Vita first launched, and has since been adopted by both Nintendo and Microsoft. When boiled down, remote play is essentially a stream of the video game being run on the console itself to a screen that the console isn’t physically connected to.

With this announcement, Sony is effectively creating their own pseudo-monopoly on its content availability, by offering the widest range of ways to play. Sony mobile phones are currently supported and can even be used with your controller, as well as through the PS Vita. The addition of both PC and Mac computers creates a complete ecosystem that will help players continue to game, even if someone else is watching TV.

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