Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is getting a spooky new map based on World of Warcraft’s Hallows End. What’s more, this new map is unlike any other map in the game.

As the video above explains, players cannot directly attack the opposing team’s core, which is usually the main objective of any MOBA. Instead, they must fight to control towers throughout the map which ultimately spawn an altar. These altars are what causes the actual  damage to the enemy’s core.

Throw in some Sappers, a mercenary unit that will damage enemy towers or the core itself, a new tunnel transport system that links your base to the center of the map, and the Headless Horseman himself as a boss, who deals several points of damage when killed, and we’re looking at a whole new kind of battles for Heroes of the Storm.

Be sure to watch the overview video above all the way through, so you’ll be ready to tackle the Towers of Doom next time you log in to Heroes of the Storm. That’s right – the map is already available.

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