As the holidays crawl ever closer, gamers everywhere are in need of some gameplay they don’t have to pay for. Thankfully, Microsoft has taken to their official blog to let you know what games you’ll be getting for free with your gold membership.

The new line-up is very unique and is the second to feature backwards compatible titles from the Xbox 360. Exclusively for the Xbox One, however, is Eidos Montreal’s Thief, a game that follows master thief Garret and his stealthy misadventures in a city infected with both disease and corruption.

Also on the Xbox One is The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III, which follows the monster hunting adventurer as he tackles his most challenging case yet in this top-down adventure.

Xbox 360 owners, and also new-gen owners with extra hard-drive space, get a range of games. The first is CastleStorm – an Angry Birds style adventure mixed with tower defense, where you take castles by storm. Sacred 3, a top down brawler, has players fighting together to save Ankara one level at a time. Lastly is the amazingly strategic first person shooter Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, that tackles a word in a global economic crisis.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III and CastleStorm will be available starting December 1, whereas all of the other titles will be available on December 16, only on Xbox consoles.


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