It hasn’t even been a month since AOC and Philips showed us their upcoming displays for all uses, and now another display has just been announced.

Although a latecomer to the party, the U2477PWQ bolsters some impressive stats: 4K resolution, HDMI 2.0 connectivity (along with DisplayPort and MHL) and a 100% sRGB fidelity in color reproduction. It can also be pivoted, tilted, spun and raised freely.

All of the above, while definitely impressive, isn’t new – especially with the displays we’ve already seen. What is new, however, is size. Taking all of the above and putting it in a compact package, the AOC U2477PWQ is a scant 23.6 inches in size making it a smaller, more space-efficient display without compromise on quality.

Expect the U2477PWQ to hit the shelves on Q1 2016, along with its larger brethren.

U2477PWQ_front_liquid_design U2477PWQ_front_to_left_liquid_design U2477PWQ_back U2477PWQ_side_left

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