Whether it’s Apple or Android, with a smartphone in almost everyone’s hands it’s quickly becoming the most accessible way to experience games and VR on a reasonable budget. While mobile VR isn’t going to be the same as what a computer or console can provide, it’s a good avenue for mediums like 360 videos, photography. and as hardware gets better, even gaming. Merge VR is a great example of a mobile VR platform that has good form and function and is priced well for almost anyone to be able to get a taste of both augmented and virtual reality.

There are quite a few different avenues to get your hands onto mobile VR right now, but I have to say when it comes to form and function, Merge VR is at the top of the game. When I first got my hands on this headset I noticed the quality of the box and how easy it was to get the headset outף small details I know, but if they got that right, I was interested to see what else they added.

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Merge VR is made out of an Antimicrobial foam that contours to your face. It’s very comfortable when you first put it on, with no sharp points and no hard plastic. It’s almost like wearing a orthopedic pillow on your face. The material is very durable and very easy to clean – just grab an alcohol swap and wipe. The design and durability of this headset makes it great for anyone with kids, if you’re clumsy or if you just like to drop nice things on purpose. The headset comes with an adjustable head strap and for even better function an optional top strap for extra support.

People who have experience with mobile VR headsets know that the optics are not all equal and neither is how you adjust them. Merge VR has a simple easy way of adjusting the lenses. They just slide to the left and right using the triggers on the top and bottom of the headset. The same triggers also double as buttons when you need to interact with your phone while wearing the headset. There’s also an anti-fog ventilation gap at the bottom which actually works. Merge Labs took into account those who want to have fun with VR but need there glasses, as the Merge VR will fit right over your spectacles and can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the head straps.


I have played around with this headset a lot since getting it, testing out as many VR apps that I could get my hands on.  I also have watched quite a few 360 videos off YouTube and the discovery app. While there are still some kinks to work out, my overall experience with the device was, to put simply, really cool.

While mobile VR has room to grow, I believe Merge VR is in the top of it’s class when it comes to function, form and design – at least when we talk about products that supports multiple device types and sizes. I would like to see some type of mobile compatible controller at some point, but not having one doesn’t make this device less awesome. I’m also hopeful that there will be some augmented reality apps that can be used with these mobile VR headsets. If you are in the UK and want to get your hands on one head over to Game, and if you are from the US go pre-order yours right off Amazon. Make sure to check out our unboxing video to get a closer look at the Merge VR in action.

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