Turtle Beach has officially kicked off the release of their incredible Hypersound Clear technology as a new healthcare device for the hearing impaired. After two years in development, Turtle Beach began filling some of the first pre-orders for the revolutionary sound system back in October, but as of today, the product is unleashed through a small amount of healthcare providers.

The initial launch of the product will last until the end of 2015, however Turtle Beach will be expanding the availability of the product in the early part of 2016 to a multitude of healthcare providers. As the official partner in this effort, Elite Hearing LLC, is lending its status the largest independent hearing healthcare providers in the U.S. with over 1600 membership locations, to help get this product into the hands of the people who need it. Patients who are among the first to receive their units will also be eligible to receive a free in-home installation, thanks to TurtleBeach’s partnership with CaptionCall, who’ll be providing the service.

The GamersPack crew were able to experience this groundbreaking technology behind closed doors earlier this year. The HyperSound Clear audio unit provides a very unique experience that is designed to direct beams of sound to the listener. The audio is then created at the viewers ears instead of the stereo itself, much the same way a beam of light travels from a flashlight and lights an object. The technology has since undergone thorough investigation, and has been deemed effective in increasing clarity with patients suffering from hearing loss.

The technology represents an amazing leap forward in terms of health care, but one of the more helpful approaches may happen after the large scale release of the product. The HyperSound Clear is already proven to help people with hearing loss, but with the wide spread adoption of the technology, hearing loss may become much less severe.

In addition to helping those with hearing loss, the HyperSound Clear offers a very high quality sound that could very well sway both the early adopters and average consumers alike. We’re excited to see where the technology will be able to go, especially with the incredible minds at TurtleBeach behind it.

Only time will tell when the average gamer will be able to surround themselves with HyperSound, but thankfully everyone will get to see its social impact now that it is making its way into homes across the United States.


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