Fnatic has introduced a new line up of gaming gear that’s sure to take your competitive skills to the next level. Fnatic Gear lives as an Indiegogo campaign for players who are interested in showing support in the creation of high quality eSports tech.

When you log on to Fnatic Gear’s Indiegogo page, you’ll be introduced to a slew of products catered towards eSports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of eSports or want to consider getting into the competitive scene, Fnatic Gear will happily provide the necessary gadgets to get you started. If you choose to support the campaign, Fnatic Gear offers numerous ways to do so. Fnatic Gear will even send you a little something-something as a thank you for supporting their campaign.

eSports is steadily increasing in popularity and Fnatic Gear is one of many who’ll lead the charge of separating normal gaming gadgets from the professional grade technology. We eagerly await the next slew of pro-gaming tech. Who knows, the next generation of pro-gamers might carry Fnatic Gear’s peripherals in future tournaments.

Curious? Checkout the campaign page for the full specs of Fnatic Gear’s line up.

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