Fallout 4 bug is breaking both the game and gamers’ hearts around the world. After a slew of outcries on the game’s official forums, the community has been able to more accurately identify the bug, and are now trying to find any possible way of avoiding it.

The bug is triggered when the player embarks on a quest to the settlement of Monsignor. Upon their arrival, the game promptly crashes without any notice, returning players to the console or PC home screen often without any trace of it even happening. The game-breaking bug appears to be affecting everyone from PC to console players, however, some players have launched an investigation into how to work around this.

You can head over to the official forums for a detailed account of players experiences and some of the more intricate ways to work around, but as of now there is no concrete way to avoid the problem. Various users have identified the problem as being part of the quest progression in the game, combined with the order in which the player discovers the area. The community is working hard to find out which quests need to be completed in which order for the game to stop crashing, stay tuned as the story develops.

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