Microsoft has official rolled out the backwards compatibility update for the Xbox One. With over 100 titles now playable on the new generation system, Microsoft has upped the ante by adding an increased frame-rate of 60fps and streaming support for each. Having now decided to put out a quick how-to video for fans looking to take advantage of it, and poking fun at Sony along the way.

The original video from PlayStation (which you can see below) was meant to be a small account about how easy it is to share and play any of the console’s games with your friends, something that the Xbox One wasn’t originally too keen on. The new video from Microsoft fires back at their competitor by illustrating how easy it is to play old games on the new system.

Backwards compatibility has been an issue for both Microsoft and Sony since the previous generation of consoles. Now that Microsoft has bowed fanboy angst in an effort to increase the Xbox One user base, Sony fans have begun to wonder whether they’ll be getting a similar update anytime soon.

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