The hit designers behind the popular Dodocase brand of smartphone and tablet cases have taken up a partnership with Google cardboard to create the P2 Pop-Up Viewer VR headset for iOS and Android. On hand at the VRX 2015 show floor, the P2 is an incredibly portable solution to the entry level prices of other virtual experiences.

The first quarter of 2016 is almost here, bringing along with it some of the biggest and most advanced virtual reality headsets that money can buy. While the world’s 1% are wondering which expensive headset and high end PC they should buy, or if they should simply spend thousands of dollars on all of them an decide for themselves, you’re forced to painstakingly research it all and hope you made the right choice.

The rest of the world is unfortunately out of the loop when it comes to VR. Whether it’s the fact that you can’t afford the basic PC package, the headset or both, you’ll probably be stuck looking on your smartphone to read the reviews. The good news there, is that so long as you have an iOS or android phone, you are officially VR ready.

After a short 60 second assembly of the P2 viewer, you select the app you want to use and place your phone into the sealable case. Each phone separates the full horizontal screen into two smaller squares that fit perfectly with the curved lenses inside the case. Users can choose from a wide variety of free apps that represent the entire range of experiences available in VR. In addition, app stores also offer a series of paid apps that offer more high-end experiences at a price well below what larger VR games will most likely go for.

Although still in its infancy, Virtual reality offers a lot of new experiences that are still being worked out. Whether it’s the gyroscope within the phone, or the graphic capabilities, there is still a lot to learn, but the Dodocase VR headset is ready now. To learn more about the P2 by Dodocase, or even order one for yourself, head on over to the Dodocase website for all you need to know.

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