The talented developers at Crytek were able to put on one hell of a show at VRX 2015. Starting from the show floor, they had brought along the demo for the wall climbing epic – Back to Dinosaur Island 2. Running on the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and the unfailing CryEngine, the company pushing the limits of what can be accomplished on VR platforms.

The biggest surprise of the event, was the unveiling of the first trailer for the survival action-adventure title, Robinson: The Journey. This charming, yet epic title takes place on a mysterious planet inhabited by enormous dinosaur-like creatures.

The journey is experienced through the eyes of a young boy, and his robot sidekick. This mechanical eyeball that accompanies you is given precious little time to interact with the viewer in this trailer, but in that minute you learn everything you need to know about his uplifting and intelligent personality.

Debuting exclusively on the PlayStation VR, the title is a massively scaled epic that is pushing the limits of what is possible on the PS4. It has yet to be announced when either the PlayStation VR or Robinson: The Journey will be available, but here’s hoping we can get our hands on both sometime next year.

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