Square Enix has unveiled a series of new screenshots for Final Fantasy XV that showcase the creatures and villains that inhabit this iteration of the Final Fantasy universe. The Chocobos are not a new addition to the series, but they are a much more detailed version than audiences have ever seen. Right along side them, however, are some of the coolest new additions to the roster.

The Catoblepas, as well as the Goblins were heavily featured in the demo released earlier this year. The Chocobos, on the other hand, were featured with their iconic golden plumage to represent the domesticated version, while the black Chocobos could be found in the wild. Not seen however, were the deer-like Mesmerize creatures who despite their fierce look, may not inherently aggressive creatures.

Two of the screenshots showcase new characters/creatures who basically have the word “Evil” tattooed on their faces. The un-named snake creature with the face of a human is grotesque to look at, while the demonic human character, who also doesn’t have a mouth, reeks of the words “Boss Battle”.

There is still no official release date for Final Fantasy XV, but each new screenshot Square Enix releases is more than enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats for the 2016 release.

1446524713-group-chocobos 1446524712-numb-blade 1446524712-the-naga 1446524713-chocobo-concept 1446524713-catoblepas 1446524712-mesmerize-concept 1446524712-goblin

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