In the third developer diary for Just Cause 3, the developers at Avalanche Studios acknowledge just how crazy this game is, and more importantly, how they rose to the challenge of creating an equally crazy story.

The diary goes into the various aspects of production that were required to build this game. Starting with simple design schemes and ideas, the developers relate how certain philosophies and themes within the game made their way from storyboards, to motion capture sound stages.

The story itself centers around the revolution in the country of Medici, but the open world design gives the story a different lens with each person who plays it. Each mission in the game can be played the way you want to, and the country can be explored at will, but it all leads to the final confrontation with Medici’s super villain dictator.

The new story is an over the top action adventure, and players can have their minds blown by its story when Just Cause 3 is released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 1.

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