As the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming in 2016. This time it’s all about hardware – displays, to be specific, as AOC and Philips revealed to us their upcoming lineup. Amidst talk of technology, form factor and target audiences there were a few things coming in just a few short months that are quite exciting to us gamers – console and PC alike.

The first new technology we’ve seen is called “QDot” and it promises to change the very way displays work. Instead of the traditional panels, QDot displays utilize quantum dots – minuscule elements that change their size and by doing so, change the color of light passing through them. Apart from being cheaper and more compact to produce, QDot displays have an immense advantage in color fidelity – if the current display are capable of reproducing color in under half of the human eye’s capability, then the new technology will allow for a much broader reproduction resulting in colors crisper than before.

The second major tech discussed was blue light shifting – aka the cause for eye strain and fatigue when viewing a screen for a prolonged period. Obviously aimed at people who sit in front of a display for lengthier-than-average sessions, this technology aims to reduce eye-strain and fatigue significantly by adjusting the blue light emitted by the display to a more “easy” wavelength for the human eye. While the difference does not impact color in any way, it does make lengthy screen-time sessions less tiring.

Of course, with these exciting new technologies come several new lines of displays – all slated for late 2015 or early 2016 releases and covering every use from a casual domestic television to a hardcore gamer’s multi-display setup.

If I had to pick one display as the Crème de la Crème, as the real gamer’s display, among many deserving contenders there is still one clear winner – the AOC G2770PE. Combining AMD’s FreeSync technology to sync the display and the GPU in perfect harmony, the G2770PE offers 144Hz via HDMI 2.0 and a refresh rate of 1ms. If that wasn’t enough, this display bolsters an 80,000,000:1 contrast rate making it king of the hill when it comes to PC gaming.

Whether you’re a PC or console gamer or even if you just like your displays to be high-quality, you can expect this year’s lineup to be game-changing. Stay tuned when we deliver our more in-depth experience with the displays once they release.

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